Pof garand ammo

images pof garand ammo

Have let a few things slip away because of procrastination. Someone actually fired this at a Garand match. Shizam Shizap 45, views. Your name or email address: Unless you can get Garand clips for less than 59 cents per, the NET cost of the 16 round packages of Pak ammunition, with enough loose clips to hold them all. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

  • Pakistani surplus ammo, POF head stamp CMP Forums
  • Pakistani surplus ammo, POF head stamp CMP Forums
  • POF M2 Ball on Garand Clips

  • Bulk Springfield Ammo by Military Surplus For Sale at Rounds of Springfield M1 Garand Ammo by Prvi Partizan - gr FMJ. Has anybody tried the surplus ammo made in Pakistan by POF in the late I haven't even been able to purchase a Garand yet, but I will be.

    I am new to being active with the Garand community and was also interested in the POF ammo pre-loaded in Garand clips.

    Pakistani surplus ammo, POF head stamp CMP Forums

    After searching here.
    I was considering this as well. Or would it be able to be delivered only by the US postal service? Hi all, Turners has POF ammo for sale. Now we have others chiming in with redeeming info.

    images pof garand ammo

    Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Audio:

    images pof garand ammo
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    Non corrosive but Berdan primed and it seems to be sure fire.

    It's against their religion.

    Video: Pof garand ammo The M1 Garand - Is Commercial Ammo Safe?

    Each box contains 2 8-round Garand clips, for a total of 16 rounds. Have given it plenty of chances.

    Pro Chronopal Chronograph Test Taken:

    16rd Boxes of Pakistani "POF" M2 Ball in M1 Garand Clips. Ammo is NON- Corrosive Military Surplus ammunition manufactured in Pakistan in the late '60s.

    images pof garand ammo

    The best bet though for getting Garand safe ammo is to get one of these; http:// Then anything is. [Archive] POF Centerfire Rifles - Semiautomatic or Gas Operated. ammo for sale. $ for Is this ammo go to go in for a Garand?.
    Previous Thread Next Thread. At least it has the en blocs and the ammo can.

    Mine came on links.

    Pakistani surplus ammo, POF head stamp CMP Forums

    Whoever is selling this ammo needs to stop immediately. I mean that it is a typical well-shot Garand that was rebarreled in Cloudy and cool 38 degrees this morning as I drove to our range.

    Funny thing is that next to LC brass, that KE brass is great quality - and some of my best M72 Match ammo is loaded with it.

    images pof garand ammo
    The primer looked well placed and very uniform from round to round with proper seating depth.

    POF M2 Ball on Garand Clips

    Yes, there was a small lot of linked in the lot, extremely nice, I believe UN Ammo is currently offering, and the. Springfield M1 Garand, 24" barrel Chronograph: The primers are supposed to be non-corrosive, but I couldn't tell by looking. I mean that it is a typical well-shot Garand that was rebarreled in